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If you are interested in joining the Valley Christian Worship Team, you can submit your inquiry below. You may also include a short video of you sharing your gift. Auditions will be required.

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We’ve begun a journey. Not of distance or time, but one born of the Spirit. Worship is our companion; our means of crossing the span of eternity and connecting with an all knowing, all powerful and awesome God. Worship is not our focus, GOD is. It just helps us find Him; so it’s important to us. We believe that God loves to receive our praise. While he is enthroned in continuous praise in Heaven, he leans in to hear his children lift their voice in praise and cry out to him.

We welcome the HOLY SPIRIT and strive to follow his leading.

Many times, our worship stirs the heart of God to speak through people. He heals, he encourages, he prompts, all when our hearts and minds are focused on him… in worship. We are on a journey. A JOURNEY TO HEAR GOD; a journey to meet with him. You are invited to follow along as close or as far as you’d like.


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