We exist to see every student in the Tri-Valley own a faith in Jesus and join God on His mission to save the world.

The AP stands for the milestones a student takes in their faith when they are a teenager – the Awakening and the Pursuit. We guide students into having an awakening of their Spirit to who God is, and we encourage them to pursue Him on their own.

Our leadership includes our Pastors, adult leaders, and student leaders. We believe that with mentoring and guidance, students are capable of leading this next generation to Christ in their Hallways at school. Our vision is to empower all students to be ministers.


Valley Christian Center

Youth Service


10:00 AM WAPAC Foyer (6th – 8th ONLY)

Youth Service


5:00 PM Student Center Sanctuary

Student Camps

Our camps are designed to build three relationships, Student to Student, Student to Leader and Student to God. We prioritize these camps throughout the year because at these camps students connect with God and others on a far deeper level than during our weekly services. Stay tuned for the next camp!

Parent Resources

Check out our podcast “Parenteen” and other resources we have collected over the years to help you in your desire to raise Godly young people.


Say Hello

Dave Matas

Student Ministry Pastor